We have handled logistically and financially challenging projects and are recognized as being the regions leaders in production service. We can set up remote production facilities quickly with efficient IT and communication details. Our world class production value allows filming of international feature films that could not be made within the same budgetry constraints at home. Our crew are flexible and very experienced and can handle projects of all sizes. We have established a close relationship with our suppliers who offer us the best services and prices based on our prime position in the industry.

We have worked throughout East and Central Africa :- Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Sudan, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somaliland, DRC, and have established strong contact bases in these countries. We offer invaluable support for the producer with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Kenyan tax and general law, and expert accounting advice. We are exempted from paying VAT (Value Added Tax) which greatly reduces production costs.


Our experienced crew understands how different productions work, are flexible and can handle projects of all sizes.  There is a  pool of crew with vast experience in features, television, commercials, documentaries, music videos, wildlife are available within any budgetary requirements. Locally we can provide crews ranging from director, producer, dop, loader, focus puller, gaffer, grip, spark, chaperone, location scout, unit manager and many more support crew who have experience on all formats including 35 mm, 16mm, video, and HD (High Definition).


We are in partnership with leading casting agencies in East and Central Africa who offer a wide range of cast.  Kenya is an international hub, which host a pool of diverse nationalities and therefore through casting has the capability of providing authentic cast to fit any brief.


Blue Sky Films has partnered with local and international equipment rental houses that pride themselves with being up to date with the latest technologies from digital to high definition broadcast solutions.  However, if you would like to bring in your own equipment, we are able to facilitate speedy temporary importation.


Kenya’s climate is warm all year round, with plenty of sunshine, cool nights and mornings.  However, if you are filming across Kenya, expect different patterns due to Kenya’s differing topographical dimensions.  Generally, the hottest season falls between February and March with temperatures as high as 93°F, while the coolest season falls between July and August with temperatures dropping to the lows of 50's°F.

The variations in altitude and terrain create contrasts in climate. The coast is hot and often humid, mornings in the central highlands can be cool, while in the north and northeast, the days are dry and very hot. Day and night in Kenya are almost equal the whole year round with sunrise between 06h00 and 06h30 and sundown between 18h30 and 19h00.  Over most of the country there are two rainy seasons. The short rains normally occur from late October through November and the long rains from March through to early June. Rain usually falls in the late afternoon preceded by bright, sunny and fresh days.  Dry periods occur during the rainy seasons and sunny spells are often experienced even on rainy days. Although sometimes referred to as the northeast and southeast monsoons, neither the long nor the short rains resemble the textbook tropical monsoons of endless torrents and dripping vegetation.

Travel & Accomodation

Kenya is a hub of East and Central Africa, it is serviced by daily flights from Europe, The USA, Middle East, Austalasia, and the Southern Africa. Flying time is approximately 9 hours from Europe and the country is Greenwich mean time GMT +3 hours or + 11 hours ahead of the pacific standard time. 

There is wide range of accommodation from fine hotels, with restaurants and cuisines to cater for all tastes, to the famous ‘safari’ tented camp in the open bush. There also transport options, such as four wheel drive vehicles to light aircrafts and buffalos which will suit any budget.

Telecommunications is highly modernized with the latest communication devices available, blackberries, cell phones, internet facilities, banking, health facilities and shopping for any international acclaimed producers, directors or actors.