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About Blue Sky Africa


Blue Sky Films is a Kenyan company that has been facilitating and producing outstanding film and television shows throughout East and Central Africa for over eighteen years. Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of productions ranging from television commercials to reality shows, documentaries, music videos and still photography shoots, to facilitating production of major hollywood films, such as ‘’The Constant Gardener”, “Tom Raider 2: Lara Croft and the Cradle of Life, The First Grader.

We provide complete production services and facilities for overseas crew; which include; Film Licences, work permits, Location scouting, Casting, Film licenses, production design, props sourcing, set building and decorating, , equipment, customs, transport, catering and accommodation.  Blue Sky Films has made filming in East Africa easier and more accessible.  With a well established relationship with many government institutions and private establishments potential problems encountered in areas such as customs, transportation of equipment, permissions in game parks and so on are all alleviated.  We have been forefront of developing equipment and training local crews to very high international standards.  Our team on in-house producers, crew, art department and extensive regional network of contacts, we provide the intrinsic gateway for any filming requirements in East and Central Africa.