Documentaries & TV Drama

The Beautiful Game

Africa 10 Enterprise LLC

Kibera in Need

Haller Foundation, UK

Half the Sky

Show of Force LLC

Root Capital from the Field

Grazioso Pictures, USA

Sommer - MSF Denmark

DR TV Drama Series


MTV Networks Europe / Reality Show

MTV Africa Mama Awards

MTV Networks Europe / Africa Music Awards

Skin deep 'A matter of colour'

Electrick Pictures

Seal the Deal

Roadtrip Films


Spot Savvy


Show of Force

Virgin Unite

Virgin Unite

Natures Word Deadliest Creatures

Beyond Productions

Imagine Africa

BornFree Media

Living Standards of People in the World


Alliance of Financial Inclusion

Contented Productions, UK

Expedition Africa

Mark Burnnet Productions / History Channel

The Amazing Race 5 - Tanzania

Bertam van Munster, CBS / CBS Emmy Award winning Reality Show

La Talpa / The Mole

An Italian Reality TV Show with Liev broadcasting Triangle productions

The Empire Warriors

Lindsey Priestly, BBC - BBC Drama

No place like home

Motive Television

Raw Nature

Original Pictures

Ghost Fleet

Saga Pictures

British Army

PCI Fitch

The Nokia Challenge

Yolandi Mes, Terraplane, SA

BBC Channel Identity

Sophie Cowling, 2am Films

Globalization is Good

Channel 4, Freeform Productions

Heartbeat FM

Blue Sky Films

Safer Cities

United Nations, Habitat

Heart & Soul

UNDP / Blue Sky Films / Catalyst Marketing - TV Drama

White Terror

John McGhie, BBC - BBC Documentary on Kenya's Colonial past

Our Charlie

Gunter Herbst, German TV

Overland III

Beppa Tenti, RA

Lufthansa Cargo

Necker Man Film Products

Africa 10

Moonlight Pictures