Feature Films

The Constant Gardener

Focus Features
Potboiler Productions
Ralph Fiennes & Rachel Weisz
Producer: Simon Channing Williams 
Director: Fernando Meirelles.

The First Grader

BBC Films
Origin Pictures
Oliver Litondo & Naomi Harris
Producer: David Thompson
Director: Justin Chadwick

Tomb Raider 2: Craddle of Life

Paramount UK
Blue Tulip Productions
Angelina Jolie
Producer: Laurence Gordon 
Director: Jan de Bont

The Rebound

AF Productions
Justin Bartha/Catherine Zeta-Jones
Producer: Tim Perell/Director: Bart Freundlich

More Feature Films

IO Loro E Lara

Warner Brothers Italy
Starring: Carlo Verdone
Director: Carlo Verdone
Producer: Laura Fattori


Go FreestyleDirector : Marisa Tomei

Staying Alive: Transit 

MTV Networks, EuropeProducer: Nicola Parrot / Director Niall McCormick

Librarian 2: Return to King Solomon's Mine

Electric Entertainment/TNT
Starring: Noah Wyle
Producer: Dean Devlin
Director: Jonathan Frakes

Afrika Mon Amour

Moovie, the art of entertainment / Constantine Films
Starring: Iris Berben
Producer: Oliver Berben
Director: Carlo Rola

Silvios Journey 'Un Altro Mondo'

Catelea SPA Italy
Starring: Silvio Muchino/Michael Rainey Jr
Producer: Mattea De Laurentis
Director: Silvio Muchino

I am Slave

Slate Films
Starring: Waumni Musaka / Isaach De Bankole
Producer: Andrea Calderwood
Director: Gabriel Range

Giuramento Di Ippocrate

Fandango Srl Italy
Starring: Stefano Accors Si / Vittoria Puccini
Producer: Valeria Licurgo
Director: Lucio Pellegrini

Friends For Life 

Rodeo Drive, Rome
Starring Massimo Boldi

Garden of Eden 

Berwick Street productions
Starring: Matthew Modaine
Producer: Lorne Thyssen / Director John Irvin

Brothers of the Head 

Marlin Films / Potboiler Productions
Producer: Simon Channing Williams
Directors: Keith Fulton & Louis Pepe

Die Patriarchin 

Movie, the art of entertainment /Constantine Films
Starring: Iris Berben
Producer: Oliver Berben
Director: Carlo Rola

Captain of Nakara

Blue Sky Films
Starring: Charles Bukeko / Bernard Safari
Producers: Mario Zvan / Oliver Thau
Director: Bob Nyanja

Die Familia

Moovie, The art of entertainment / Constantine Films
Producer: Oliver Berben
Director: Carlo Rola

Fly me to the Moon

Splendido France
Starring: Danny Boon / Diane Kruger
Producer: Camille Lipman / Pascal Chaumeil

Strike Back II

Left Bank Pictures UK